Concerning aero naval aircrafts or VIP helicopters, SPI operates all around Europe thanks to its mobile resources. From the painting of components, sub-assemblies and complete helicopters, SPI has developed the skills which meet the highest requirements of its clients. SPI works in complete autonomy on all the operations of the range, paint stripping, sanding, sealing, cleaning, painting and marking as well as labelling.

For many years now, SPI has acquired the technology for marking, labelling and decorating, on all types of supports, from small to medium size, using modern technical tools for digital printing, transfer and other techniques. This expertise is the demonstration of SPI’s capacities to offer a complete solution.

The expertise in the different techniques in aeronautic painting, surface treatment, sealing is driven by a company culture which places ‘best in class’ training and meeting the requirements between customers’ requests and available solutions. Our teams, at all levels, know the procedures, methods and settings exclusive to the records for which nothing must be left to guesswork or approximation.

This constant attention, the monitoring of technological development and an investment policy offering only the best potential have resulted in a constantly renewed trust on the part of airplane manufacturers and of the Supply Chain, which is proved by the fact that new contracts have reinforced the partnership and have opened new features.

SPI manages the customer’s request in its totality, sourcing & supplies, staff management and scheduling, setting-up of resources, coordination between the actors (internal and/or external) of the client. What’s more, the Engineering department elaborates methods as well as the associated documentation, based on manufacturers’ specifications, plans or contract documents which demonstrate the high-level of competences and product expertize to satisfy our clients, both at the level of their needs and the expected result.

Coupled with its engineering skills, SPI is a creator of global solutions and a long-term business partner, unparalleled in its line of business. SPI intervenes in new as well as in MRO activities.

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Décoration d'hélicoptère
Cabine de peinture mobile grandes dimensions
Préparation d'hélicoptère avant peinture
Ponçage d'aileron de queue avant peinture
Peinture sur hélicoptère
Peinture de pièces d'hélicoptère en MCO

Precise skills

Sub-contracting (Ex-situ)


Liquid paint (airless, airmix, conventional, electrostatic), Powder (thermo lacquering), Varnishing (hard base, deep varnish…)

Metallic and composite materials

All types of liquid paints: Solvant based, LowVoc, Hydro, base coat, finish, varnish, anti-lightning, anti-corrosive, anti-friction, conductive, chock proof celloflex, peelable…

Surface treatment: Alodine, Surtec650, OAS, OAC, Alodine projection, phosphating, polishing (aluminum, stainless steel, polycarbonate)

Design and manufacture of safety masks and maskings

Marking :

Serigraphy, pad printing, digital printing, Imaje ink jet, precise micro serigraphy

Design and producer of labels, stencils, self-adhesive graphics, transfers…

Elementary parts, sub-assemblies, finished products

Volumes : single to medium lot units

Service provider (In-situ customer site)

Liquid paint, Vapour Barrier (Finch), water repellent, special resins, PR seals, Varnish,

All application type (airless, airmix, conventional, electrostatic)

Polishing (aluminum, stainless steel, polycarbonate)

Decoration (labels, stencils, self-adhesive graphics, painted decorations…

Surface treatment

Metallic and composite materials

All types of liquid paints : Solvent based, low Voc , hydro.., base coat, finish, varnish, anti-lightning, anti-corrosive, anti-friction, conductive, chock proof celloflex, peelable…

Elementary parts, sub-assemblies, complete sections, helicopters, avionics

Volumes : single to medium lot units

Human and technical resources

Sub-contracting (Ex-situ)

Human Resources

150 people backed by a structure covering the functions of Engineering/Methods, Quotations, Quality, Maintenance and New Works, Purchasing & Logistics, Operations, Finance, H.R.

Technical Resources

  • 11 painting booths from just over 65 x 43sq. feet up to just over 372 x 54sq. feet (with temperature and humidity control for some)
  • 5 preparation booths
  • 3 ovens
  • 2 micro-sand blasting booths
  • 1 sand blasting booth
  • 1 chemical treatment line
  • 1 stove powder coating line

Service Provider (In-situ customer site)

Human resources

  • 250 people backed by dedicated customer targeted structure on the customer site as well as by the complete central structure.

Material customer resources delegated to SPI

  • Whole buildings
  • Complete dedicated workstations on the lines in the buildings
  • Workstations shared with the customer in co-activity

Nos clients - Helicopter


Tier 1 supplier for high technologies industries, DAHER has developed a unique and distinctive business model founded on a synergy between its industrial expertise on one hand, and its services know-how on the other, which makes it a key partner to its industrial customers today.


DUQUEINE Group is specialized in the design and manufacture of composite parts and sub-assemblies, in the Aerospace, Industry, Sports & Leisure business activities.