Our values and commitments

SPI places its 600 collaborators, who honor its commitments over the years, at the heart of its activity.

Throughout the whole process of designing and implementing solutions of protection and industrial painting of components from our clients, the culture of excellence is expressed. Both the qualifications and certifications remain intangible frameworks, the technical resources of performing tools and the human factor give to SPI’s activity that supplementary dimension which makes the difference.

Some employees saw the emergence of the A340, A350, A380 et A400M Airbus planes which today beat all sales records or represent the future, others remember the work on the Istanbul underground trains, and each person is proud of her or his contribution to those exciting adventures.

The most beautiful cruise liners in the world, of which the Queen Mary and all the new STX shipyards in Saint-Nazaire (Loire-Atlantique Dpt. (44), France) such as the MSC Preziosa, carry the trademark of our know-how, the passion which animates our teams, and the pride we feel as actors of great French and European achievements.

So as to remain at the cutting edge of technology, to develop our business towards optimum performance and result, women and men invest themselves completely in their jobs and training to transmit their know-how to newcomers. This human capital and its values are acknowledged by the major European and international groups, and beyond, to The United Arab Emirates who have chosen SPI as their exclusive competence and training center to support their strong development.

SPI ethics are also open to all, through a responsible acknowledgement of necessary actions in favor of the planet and its future. For many years, society has invested in the implementation of clean processes (hydro painting) and the reduction of water consumption, aiming the “zero discharge” target.

SPI has been engaged alongside Aéro XV, a dedicated company, since October 2016. This action is part of a will aiming at the socio-occupational integration of people with disabilities within the world of aeronautics. 22 companies, of which SPI, are share-holders and partners of Aéro XV.

In so doing, SPI shares its strong implications in ethical values, and confirms that the value of women and men stems from the sum of their respective contributions, in all their differences.

SPI’s development is the symbol of the value and strength of its commitments. It is supported by a constant research of what is best in the teams, the technical resources and the new perspectives offered by technology, and it accompanies customers in their own development, with the constant want of improving services, respecting delays and costs, and taking part in their expansion.

Our collaborators have endorsed what is SPI’s DNA: Precision, emphasis on the respect owed to the customer and to his products, and procedure, symbolizing each one’s dedication to his work, seeking the most efficient and most adapted solution for each issue, each component. Passionate about their trade, they know how to listen to understand expectations, how to develop team spirit to share skills. By placing the individual at the heart of the company, they extend and benefit from each other’s skills each day.